Sunday, June 26, 2016

Le Divin in Saint Martin- Their Macarons are Divine! (Near Sint Maarten)

Upon my second visit to the island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin, I was pleased to find that so many more businesses were open!  Unknowingly, I had last gone during the off season when, apparently, very few bakeries actually make macarons.  I am pleased to report back that there were so many more opportunities for French macarons this time around!

During my travels, I happened upon this great bakery.  Le Divin is a French Bakery located in the Port de Marigot, on the French side of the island.  They have a lot of open space with seating, a lovely view of the port, view of the market, and most importantly, French macarons! The staff was delightful and I enjoyed the macarons and look forward to visiting again!

The flavors of macarons that I tried were strawberry and vanilla.

Strawberry: This macaron was sweet with a nice soft cookie.  I was filled with a with a delicious buttercream filling. I liked that it was delicate but didn't fall apart. The macarons were not as smooth visually as I am used to seeing, but they sure were tasty.

Vanilla: This macaron had a soft shell, yummy buttercream and was very buttery. I really felt there was a great filling-to-cookie ratio. 

Who should go there: If you are visiting the island, then you will surely also be visiting Marigot.  In this case, you should go there!  It's spacious, full of delicious French pastries and a variety of French macarons for an extremely good price.

I'll definitely be stopping back to try: Pistachio and chocolate

Le Divin
35 Bd De France Front De MerMarigot, St. Maarten-St. Martin
Phone Number: 069014953

Saturday, October 31, 2015

MacarOn Café - Full of Filling and Surprises

During the Bastille Day celebration at 60th street and Lexington Avenue, I thought I would visit the first place I had a macaron in NYC, MacarOn Café.  I was so happy that they had a stand at the festival and I was happy to buy a whole box.
Their macaron flavors can best been described as a blend of classic and seasonal, but with a flair for the dramatic.  Besides being beautiful, these macarons have the most generous amount of filling between their cookies.  Sometimes, when you try a macaron, you struggle to identify the flavor.  With MacarOn Café's macarons, there is so much filling that the flavor is clear and enjoyable.
The flavors that I tried this time are Lemon, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Pistachio and Orange Buttercream.
Lemon: This macaron had more of a natural color with a delicious lemon cream.  It had a natural flavor and it not overly lemony. This is great for someone looking to try a lemon macaron but is hesitant because it's undeniably delicious.

Peanut butter and Jelly: This macaron had delicious peanut butter with jelly preserves. The peanut butter was so creamy. The pink sugar crystals were a nice touch. 

Pistachio: This macaron was not overly nutty and had a great buttercream filling.  The cookie had a great color and wonderful aftertaste.

Orange Buttercream: This macaron tastes exactly like it was described. It was subtly orange with a thick creamy buttercream filling. It had a wonderful size macaron and a generous amount of cream.

Who should go here: Anyone looking to try macarons or see how these classics compare.  You will not be disappointed!  I have always been fond of their sandwiches, as well.

I'll definitely be stopping back to try: Dark chocolate, Rhubarb. Matcha Green Tea and I'll have the lemon again too!

MacarOn Café
Flagship Store:
750 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017
(212) 983-2370

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Audabon Bakeshop: Gone but Not Forgotten!

This past spring, I was lucky to visit Audabon Bakeshop in Philadelphia, PA and as I am posting this, I am very sad to find that they closed last month. As a tribute to their fun and delicious macarons, I am going to share with you all my experience there. The bakeshop may be gone, but it is not forgotten!

While walking around Chinatown, I found this shop and was really surprised about how cute it was inside! I loved the style of the it. It was both modern and simple. Their macarons were served cold from their display case. Right away I was blown away by the beautiful colors! The macarons all had delicate shells and were delicious. The flavors that I tried were Strawberries and Cream, Salted Caramel Espresso, Hong Kong Milk Tea and Peach Cobbler.

Strawberries and Cream: These cookies were super soft with cream and fresh strawberry jam. It fell apart as I eat it, but in a good way.

Salted Caramel Espresso: This macaron had a strong espresso flavor with salted caramel in the middle and espresso cream on the outside. Luckily this was a tougher cookie because it held the cream perfectly.

Hong Kong Milk Tea: This cookie has a soft delicate shell and a fun purple color. The Asian inspired flavor had a barely sweet, milk tea cream. This was a great macaron and a fun new cream for me to try.

Peach Cobbler: This macaron had a peach filling with cream on the sides. It genuinely tasted like a fresh slice of pie!

If you ever reopen Audabon Bakeshop, I'd be happy to return!